I know you probably don’t think of me as a selfie ninja, but everyone needs to take a picture of themselves every now and then right?

In a recent discussion with a friend of mine who often poses questions that redefine your thoughts on the universe, he asked if it was possible to stop the front camera taking selfies in reverse on his iPhone.

At first I was confused because I took a selfie and it was the right way around, then I did some reading, just like you are now, and I realised that if you take a selfie (front-facing camera) on an iPhone with the stock Camera app, it automatically flips the photo after it’s taken so everything is the right way around. However, this feature does not automatically happen within apps. So, for example, many of us will take photos with Facebook Messenger. Selfies taken here are not flipped, they remain in mirror-mode so all text is backwards.

So here’s my top tip:

If you want your selfie to be the right way around with readable text then use the stock Camera app to take the photo first. If you specifically want a mirrored image, take the photo within an app such as Facebook Messenger or Snapchat and you’ve got that too.

Obviously you could also just flip the image horizontally using an app such as Photoshop Express or any of the hundreds of alternatives out there.

I’m not sure if this also occurs on Android devices as mine is currently on loan to a friend but I’ll check it out and update this article if I think there’s something more to add. Or perhaps you’ll let me know in the comments?

I hope this was a useful little post and that it will help you take better selfies. Because, after cats, isn’t that what the Internet is for now?


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