Web design is a large part of my day-to-day work. I have worked for agencies and also as a freelancer direct with businesses across the UK. A wide range of skills allow me to provide a complete package to business or simply an individual skill as part of a larger team. Everything from the design and brief to development and implementation is a consideration that should be factored in when planning your web application. This is exactly what I can help you achieve.

Based in Canterbury, Kent, I generally work from my own office but also do work on site for some clients on a regular basis. From home I have access to a wide range of tools to get the job done. This toolset is also largely portable so I’m often able to bring everything required to site if the need arises. Web design, whilst being a major part of my work, forms part of a larger skillset including App development, photography and videography, editing, sound recording, and many other creative skills.

I have worked for many Canterbury based businesses and like to work directly with local business where possible to help them improve their digital branding. I have helped them develop a web presence and engage with the technology available to make running their businesses easier.

Web Design Portfolio

Below are some examples of projects I have worked on. Most are completely my own work and some I have been brought in to provide a specific skill, such as SEO or an upgrade to a responsive site (one that works across multiple platforms like mobile and tablet as well as desktop).

Atkin Guitars – https://atkinguitars.com

atkinguitars.com - Web Design & Development

A Canterbury based guitar builder. I redesigned their site and updated the photography. Ongoing work includes adding to their digital library with videography and further photography of new models on an ongoing basis.

Tonerider – https://tonerider.com

Tonerider make guitar pickups. The site was designed and built using a variety of different tools to leverage the needs of the client at the time. Future updates will be coming to this site as we look to roll out phase two. Many of my clients retain my services for the future as opposed to a single one-off task.

Senacre Cycles – https://senacrecycles.co.uk

Senacre Cycles is a bicycle retail outlet and workshop in Maidstone. They specialise in Giant and Scott bikes as well as stocking a variety of other brands. The previous website was very old and they weren’t leveraging the opportunities that e-commerce brings a store like them, so we opted to build a Shopify-based site and that has allowed them to quickly get up to speed selling online.

Treat Trunk – https://treattrunk.co.uk

Treat Trunk is a subscription box service specialising in snacks that are actually healthy. Whilst catering to many dietary requirements, all of the snacks they provide are vegan and all are carefully chosen each month to make the boxes great value for the whole family. I took on this website from a previous developer who was no longer able to maintain it. Since then, although the design has been retained, much has changed to make the site more efficient and to be scalable to meet the ever-increasing demand for the service.

The Guitar Tech – https://theguitartech.co.uk

The Guitar Tech is a guitar store in Maidstone. They specialise is used instruments and repairs as well as all the usual accessories you’d expect in store like strings and amps and pedals. They required an e-commerce platform so they could also sell online, and one that integrated with some third-party sales sites in that industry. Shopify was the obvious choice here for an easy-to-maintain and quick build.

Dan Leggatt – https://danleggattguitarist.co.uk

Dan Leggatt is a professional guitar player and YouTube creator. Shortly after getting into the world of YouTube content creation it was clear that he needed an e-commerce platform to sell some of his musical creations. I was able to provide him with an easy to use system powered by WordPress which has been invaluable to him, especially during the 2020 pandemic where his live work has been very quiet so this platform became vital to his business.

Mark Graham – https://markgrahamartist.com

Mark Graham is an artist specialising in fantasy art. His designs are truly amazing and he needed a suitable platform to sell these online. I was able to provide him with an e-commerce store that has done just that and we continue to develop this and build on his initial success.

Guitarshop Folkestone – https://guitarshopfolkestone.co.uk

Guitarshop Folkestone

This guitar shop in Folkestone wanted to revamp their web presence and focus on online sales. I designed and built a complete web store for them. Future updates will include a POS system for their physical store which enables stock level management between the store and website in real time.

Emily Jupitus – https://emilyjupitus.co.uk

Emily Jupitus is fast becoming a household name with credits on many Radio 4 programmes including QI and The Museum of Curiosity. Emily wanted a website where she could showcase her work with the future possibility of including an e-commerce store, so that’s exactly what we did.

Graham Waller – https://grahamwaller.com

grahamwaller.com - Web Design & Development

Recording engineer Graham needed a site to promote his freelance work. He chose not to have a web store in this first iteration but the facility is there for us to expand on that in phase two.

Troika International – https://troika-int.com

Troika are a software company focussed on the oil industry. They required a major revamp to their site shifting from old tech to something much more modern that they could easily maintain themselves. There’s also a customer login section to this site which handles software downloads so it was important that they could easily add new software and correctly assign it to different customers.

Lucy Lister Flowers – https://lucylisterflowers.co.uk

lucylisterflowers.co.uk - Web Design & Development

Florist Lucy Lister came to me with a design she already had so this was simply a build project. Because of the styling in the design there were some challenges to overcome in the development and build process, but the result is a site that she uses daily so it was well worth the effort.

Future Projects

On occasion a project comes along that requires a larger team to complete. Having worked with a variety of other skilled local professionals and agencies, I have developed strong, lasting relationships with them. Therefore,  scaling up resources to meet the demands of a project as needed is no problem at all.

If you’re looking for advice on your next project, be it web-based or another platform such as Mobile Applications, get in touch and we can discuss your requirements in depth.