Being in several active bands, and also being self-employed, requires a moderate amount of organisation. The easiest way for me to do that is to keep several calendars, one for each project, and then sync them all together on my phone and on my Mac.

Because the people I work with use a variety of different platforms themselves, Apple’s iCal has proved tricky to get functioning smoothly for all, so whilst I use it for my own personal and work calendars, I have found it better to use Google’s Calendar for shared calendars.

However, I recently discovered that several other band members had trouble syncing a new calendar I had created to their iPhones.

After sifting through a whole load of articles online offering a variety of solutions including everything from turning it on and off again to deleting the calendar account from the phone altogether and starting again, I finally found the issue.

When you create a shared calendar in Google and share it to others, it doesn’t always configure to sync automatically with iOS devices (potentially mobile devices in general but I have only tested this with iOS). In order to make sure the calendar syncs you must visit the link below and choose the calendars linked to your account that you wish to sync. After that they should auto-refresh on the device and start showing events almost immediately (depending on how much data needs to sync once this done).

This problem drove me mad for ages so I’m hoping that this will help people without spending so many hours sifting through articles online. If you found this useful, and it worked for you, how about sharing it with your friends or those people you know that always come to you for advice on these kind of problems.