I recently picked up the Logitech Craft keyboard. My initial plan was to get the MX Keys, but it’s now been out of stock for some time on all my usual go-to stores so I just couldn’t hold out any longer.

Whilst quite an expensive jump in price from the MX Keys, the Craft adds some pretty nice features. Most notably the Creative Input Dial. A digital “Crown” rotary control that’s also clickable and touch sensitive. Lots of these controls can be manipulated to do different things depending on the device you’re connected to and also which app you’re in on that device.

Check out the video below where I go into a bit of detail on it and I’ve left some final thoughts below having had some more time to get used to it.

Now I’ve had some time to use the keyboard, I’ve discovered some really great things about it that I didn’t realise by the time the video was finished.

  1. The Crown actually reacts to touch so if you’re using an app (such as Premiere Pro), the mode of the rotary control can be manipulated just by tapping on the side of the control.
  2. The Crown can switch between geared and free-spin, much like the scroll wheel on the MX Master 2S mouse I have. This is really cool because it changes to suit the tool you are interfacing with. I suspect this will become a major part of my workflow.

I have found that the layout of the keys, particularly the function key, but also the left control, are taking a little while to get used to. This is probably just because I’m so used to the Mac keyboard layout. In time this is likely to become second nature.


Overall I have to say I think, for me, the extra cost was worthwhile for the added control. I’ve already worked it into my regular day with no real effort. Even being able to stop and start the music and podcasts I listen to every day is great. This is much quicker for my left hand than using the F9 command when my right hand is on the mouse for example.