Here’s a simple little tip that I only discovered yesterday.

The Problem

I’ve always been frustrated by the fact that there’s no obvious way to set a sleep timer for the Music app on the iPhone. Surely you’d like to listen to music or an audiobook as you drift off? How difficult would it be to have provided an iPhone sleep timer?

Well it turns out there is one, and it may have been there all along!

The Solution

If you start playing something and then slide up from the bottom of the screen to reveal the action panel, you can select the timer app. This is within the Clock application. Now set the length to whatever you prefer and then choose the action that will take place. Right at the bottom of the available actions will be “Stop Playing”. Now set that timer and you’re all done!

I imagine the reason it seems a little hidden is because this function will actually work for any global audio that the iPhone is playing, not just the music app, so it actually makes a lot of sense. It does make me wonder how many other features like this are hidden away and get missed on a regular basis…