I recently installed the Beta of Logitech Options+ which was advertised to me as an update when I opened the Logitech Options app on my Mac. I’m running an M1 Mac Mini with MacOS Monterey 12.3.

I immediately knew I’d made a horrible mistake when the scroll wheel stopped working on my MX Master 3 mouse and the mouse also wasn’t showing up in the new Options+ app despite being listed as supported.

After several attempts to get it to work I tried their customer support which, to my disappointment, was incredible tedious and slow.

Anyway, whilst speaking to them I found a solution which I’d like to share with you now because it’s very simple and they will lead you down the garden path for hours if you let them in an attempt to make you keep the terrible software.

Simply close all instances of Logi Options and then delete the newly installed Options+ Beta software from your Applications folder. This will require your password, but once you’ve deleted it and emptied your trash, opening the original Logitech Options app will again allow you to manage your mouse, and most importantly, all your functionality will return.

In my experience it took a few seconds before the Options app noticed that Options+ was gone, and then I was able to access the mouse settings again.

I hope this helps others out there looking for a quick solution to this.

I’m amazed that Logitech continue to release such terrible software for their devices when the hardware they make is so good. I love the Logitech MX Master 3 mouse and use it every day, but I’m stunned that they’ve not managed to get their software working smoothly to enable full functionality reliably.

On a side note, for any of you running the new (at time of writing) MacOS 12.3 software with Universal Control, you may find that whilst your MX Master and keyboard do happily work across multiple Macs (I have two side-by-side here), the scroll wheel and extra buttons do not seem to currently work on the second machine. I’m sure this is related to Logitech software again rather than Universal Control, but then again that is also in Beta at this point so hopefully we’ll see this ironed out by either or both companies over the next couple of iterations of software.