Apple Music not showing your whole library

A couple of weeks ago my iPhone stopped displaying my complete library of music. Normally I can just stream anything from my music library whenever I like, but when my AC/DC albums went missing I was not happy. Continue reading “Apple Music not showing your whole library”

Emergency Medical Contact details (or ICE) on iOS

Many people know that setting one of your contacts names in your phone to include “ICE” can help paramedics and other people contact your next of kin “In Case of Emergency”. But what if your phone is locked and you are not able to provide your passcode?

Enter Apple Health! Continue reading “Emergency Medical Contact details (or ICE) on iOS”

Keep your mac awake with Caffeine

Caffeine is one of those little apps that I use every single day and don’t even pay a second thought too. So here it is, my attempt to pay it forward and to pass on some handy tips for people who use a Mac everyday and get frustrated with Sleep mode kicking in if they look away for more than a minute. Continue reading “Keep your mac awake with Caffeine”

SKPaymentTransactionObserver Error – Does Not Conform To Protocol

If you are trying to add IAP (In-App Purchasing) to your iOS app, you may have stumbled across this little hurdle. Continue reading “SKPaymentTransactionObserver Error – Does Not Conform To Protocol”

Add Sharing to your iOS App

Just a quick post this time, for those of you looking to add sharing into your App.

Apple have done a great drop adding sharing into their OS. It couldn’t be easier to add it in to your app with just three lines of code. Continue reading “Add Sharing to your iOS App”

iPhone Sleep Timer

Here’s a simple little tip that I only discovered yesterday.

The Problem

I’ve always been frustrated by the fact that there’s no obvious way to set a sleep timer for the Music app on the iPhone. Surely you’d like to listen to music or an audiobook as you drift off? How difficult would it be to have provided an iPhone sleep timer? Continue reading “iPhone Sleep Timer”

Simple UIColor references in Swift

I find it really frustrating that there’s no built-in Hex colours in Swift. It means I have to convert my usual simple values into RGB. What makes this more annoying is that the UIColor function accepts Float values between 0 and 1, meaning you then have to convert those to some ridiculous floating number. Continue reading “Simple UIColor references in Swift”

HTTP Error on media upload in WordPress

If you are getting this error there have been lots of suggested fixes. I have tried loads of them without any luck but a recurring theme throughout many of the posts online was that it could be a plugin. Continue reading “HTTP Error on media upload in WordPress”