Spigen Tough Armor iPhone Case

I love a gadget, especially a new phone. Recently I bought the new iPhone XS and it’s an amazing piece of tech. One thing that does bother me which almost all new phones (all manufacturers) is how thin they’ve become. Personally I’d rather they had a little more depth to them, similar to the original iPhone, so that they felt a little more sturdy and this would also give space to fit a larger battery and get rid of that awful raised lens area. Before phones got this slim I always felt happy without a case but that’s no longer the way, you really must buy a case for a phone now to protect it. Continue reading “Spigen Tough Armor iPhone Case”

GigSky and the iPhone XS

I write this post sitting in an apartment overlooking the marina on the last day of my holiday in St Lucia. It’s been an amazing experience here as I’ve never previously been anywhere like it. The sun, the sea, the rainforest, it’s all incredible and I’d recommend it to everyone, such a beautiful place.

Now, being a tech nerd, I was a little concerned when I discovered that my UK carrier wanted to charge me around £5/MB for data while I was out here! That would have been a pretty painful bill to return home to, or it would mean I was disconnected from the world for 10 days, also not an option…enter GigSky. Continue reading “GigSky and the iPhone XS”

Switching FontAwesome Icons on Click with jQuery

FontAwesome is a wonderful tool. For those of you unaware, this is a library of icons available for use in your applications. The latest iteration (5.0 at time of writing) has provided a whole range of new features and thousands of icons that are endlessly useful. These are easily added into your application with some very simple code, all covered in great depth in their “Getting Started” guide. Continue reading “Switching FontAwesome Icons on Click with jQuery”