Gadget Boy

So as a tech nerd I have quite an interest in gadgets. You will all know that one person you always turn to when you have a technical question…I’m that guy to most people I know.

I’m always on the lookout for a good piece of tech or a gadget so I thought I’d compile a page detailing some of the things I’ve found that might interest you.

Tech Gear

Perhaps the centre of everyone’s tech life are their computer and their phone so let’s start there.

I’m a big fan of Apple products so it may come as no surprise that I use a 15″ MacBook Pro and an iPhone (6 at the time or writing). I also have an LG Nexus 5 Android phone as I like to keep an open mind about OS and I build Android apps so it makes sense to have a pretty excellent phone on hand for testing purposes.

Tech Accessories

The moment you need to leave the house the whole world wants to test and destroy your beautiful tech so I have tried a tonne of different cases and other accessories for my gadgets.

Gadget Bag

InCase have proven themselves time and time again to me with their products. The very first ICON backpack I bought from them is still my go to backpack. It’s incredibly sturdy, everything is still perfect about it (no rips, tears or broken zips) and it fits every gadget I could possibly need. It’s by no means a small bag, but the high quality straps and padded back make it very comfortable to wear even for extended periods of time while travelling. They have a wide range of variations on that bag now, offering different sizes and pocket configurations for different uses, but the closest version to my original one is perhaps the ICON Pack.

Phone Case

There’s only one supplier I will use now for phone cases, Spigen. I’ve had loads of different cases and everyone I meet has a slight variation on a theme, but I have Spigen cases for both phones and they’re excellent. I never used to use cases because it undermines how slim and well designed phones are if you have to keep them in a case. I tried slip cases for a while but the iPhone 6 actually tipped the scales to the point where I felt too nervous not having a case of some sort. So I sought out a case as slim as possible, whilst also flattening out the back where modern phones often have a lump for the camera lens. Spigen make a range of cases depending on how much protection you’re after but most feature a nice raised lip around the front that prevents the phones screen from touching the surface when face down, preventing scratches, which is really nice touch.

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Portable Power Bank

A nifty gadget to have with you wherever you go is the portable power bank. I’ve had a quite a few different ones as the technology has moved on and the best one I have had so far is made by RAVPower.

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Not only does it feature two ports so you can charge multiple devices at once, it also has a handy little torch on it which is great if you’re camping or at a festival. The other thing about this gadget is that it holds it’s charge incredibly well. I’ve left this for more than a month after a full charge and it held that charge so that when I needed it it was there. Many others I’ve tried were flat if I didn’t use them within a few days.

USB Power Supplies at Home

We’re not all going to go around replacing the wall sockets in our house with USB ones like this…

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So just assuming you don’t want to do that a really great alternative are these multi-socket USB power supplies. I have one next to my bed, one on my desk and one in the living room so that I have power for anything wherever I am. I also take one with me when I travel because then I only need one wall socket to charge and power all my gadgets.