I just discovered that some genius has uploaded this rather cool background for the Apple Watch so that you can live out that Fallout fantasy just by glancing at the time.

If, like me, you’re an early adopter, you may wish to pop this on your watch, especially if, like me, you missed out on the special edition Fallout 4 with the included Pip-Boy.

1. Visit the following link via your smartphone, http://imgur.com/3qxB3Yg
2. Save that image into your camera roll
3. Switch your Apple Watch face to the Photo setting
4. Force Touch the screen until you get the customise option
5. You can now scroll through your photos to select the Fallout image (or any other you’d like)
6. Finally, click the wheel to confirm your selection

I know it’s not particularly fancy or interactive, but it’s nice little teaser and hopefully some developers out there will be inspired to come up with something more fancy using WatchOS 2 to add something more interesting into the mix.

Anyway, this will keep me amused until the Fallout 4 release next week!